The word degreening simply means to get rid of the green colour. As much as this procedure is simple in its basis and principles, as much as it is complicated in its application.


In October, which is the very beginning of the season, some grapefruit reach good pleasant taste whereas they are still green. The green colour is not attractive to the consumers. This is because consumers know that green grapefruit are mostly immature. In order to convince consumers at that early time that there are tasty grapefruit, the colour must be changed from green to red or white. This is done by degreening them.

How the degreening process is done:

Degreening rooms are the equipment used for the process. These rooms are totally insulated from the outside world. Green Grapefruit are stacked in these rooms. Parameters of the optimum weather conditions for turning the colour from green to Red or White are then regulated, kept, and monitored around the clock.

The main parameters are:

  1. Temperature
  2. Humidity
  3. Oxygen level
  4. Carbon dioxide level (CO2)
  5. Ethylene level