The Company was first founded and registered in Cyprus in 1933 under the name " THE CYPRUS PALESTINE PLANTATIONS LTD'. This name was changed to THE CYPRUS PHASSOURI PLANTATIONS CO.LTD in 1974 as the shareholding of the company came under the control of Cypriot owners. It is the owner of the biggest plantation in Cyprus consisting of a total area of about 5,608 dunams of land.

The purpose of this Company was to reclaim and put into productive use the marshy lands adjoining the Salt Lake of Akrotiri which is located in the Mediterranean region.

The main activities of the company are the cultivation, production, packing and marketing of citrus with main varieties the Grapefruit (Star Ruby and Marsh Seedless) )Valencia Oranges, Lemons , Nova, Mandora, Clemenules, Orogrande, Chislett, Navelina and the patented variety Powel Summer Navels.