The Navelina is a big, rounded and slightly oval Navel-type orange. It has an intense orange skin and a small navel. It is seedless with a fleshly pulp, and it contains a large amount of juice. It’s the most keenly anticipated orange, as it marks the beginning of a new season. It is an early variety and can be picked in the last half of October and continues up to the end of January. It matures on an average two weeks before the Washington Navel. It’s considered to be an eating orange, although it can also be used as a juice orange. A sweet seasonal appetizer.

Selection & Storage:

Oranges can be stored at cool temperature for a day or two, but then should be stored in the refrigerator crisper or drawer, away from vegetables for up to two weeks. Select oranges that are well-formed, firm and heavy for their size with a smooth skin surface. Tan or brown speckling on their skin, known as "russeting" does not affect the eating quality.

Usage Tips:

If Navelina is stored in the refrigerator, take it out and leave it at room temperature to increase its flavour before eating. Wash oranges thoroughly before cutting

Packing Size
0 92-110
1 87-100
2 84-96
3 81-92
4 77-88
5 73-84
6 70-80
7 67-76
8 64-73
9 62-70
10 60-68
11 58-66
12 56-63
13 53-60